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Elon Musk is on a mission to transform X into the ultimate "everything app," and his latest move brings robust job search features to the platform. X has fully rolled out a new tool that allows users to search and browse open positions right within the app. While still in its early stages, this LinkedIn-killer has the potential to disrupt the career networking scene.

The X job search beta first launched in August, but was only available to verified users. Now, it's open to everyone on the web version, with iOS and Android integration expected soon. The tool allows you to search by keywords like job titles, companies, or industries. You can also filter by location to find relevant openings near you. 

And it's already packed with listings from Musk's own ventures like SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink,, and of course X itself. While Musk joked that he would make X's career portal "cooler" than LinkedIn, the current iteration is still fairly bare bones. Jobseekers can browse and view postings, but have to visit external sites to actually apply. 

Official Job search portal of X ( Formally Twitter ) -

However, X has been testing "job cards" that make individual listings shareable around the platform. This could evolve into more robust apply and tracking features right within X. And a recent privacy policy update hints at X collecting employment history data to enable "job applications and recommendations."

So where is Elon Musk trying to take this? It seems X aims to be a one-stop shop for networking, job hunting, and even hiring. Here are some potential features we may see as X challenges LinkedIn's dominance in the space:

Robust Profiles - Picture a blend of X and LinkedIn profiles where users can highlight work experience, skills, education, accomplishments, recommendations, and professional interests. Employers could search profiles and reach out to potential candidates.

Career Pages - Companies could create hubs to post openings, company overviews to attract talent, employee spotlights, and more. Jobseekers could follow pages for openings and insights.

Networking Features - Options to connect with professionals in your industry, join career-related groups, and message contacts. 

Resume Hosting - X profiles could incorporate resumes and portfolios that users can share with recruiters and hiring managers.

Job Matching - Powerful algorithms could connect users with relevant openings and recommend jobs based on profile details like location, skills, and interests.

Instant Messaging - Communicate directly with recruiters, hiring managers, and professional contacts right within the app.

Video Interview Tools - Features to coordinate and complete video screening calls and interviews without leaving X.

Referral Bonuses - Users could get paid for successful candidate referrals, and track referral status.

Career Advice - Users could consult mentors and coaches to improve resumes, interview better, negotiate offers, and more.

News and Resources- Stay up-to-date on your industry and access articles and tips to advance your career.

The possibilities are endless. And with Musk’s penchant for disruption, X is poised to evolve far beyond a traditional jobs board. For young professionals, career changers, and employers, X could become the go-to hub for making connections and landing jobs. 

Rather than just posting your resume to the black hole of online job sites, imagine having your professional brand and network in one place. X has the potential to change how we shape our careers and lives. Of course, only time will tell if Elon Musk can pull off this LinkedIn killer. But by bringing job search features into the fold, he's taken the first step toward making X the essential career app.

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