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6LACK Upcoming Concerts 2024

6lack (Black)  went from living out of his backpack to touring with The Weeknd. Like, how does that even happen? So 6lack has been pretty much rapping his entire life. Throughout school, he would have rap battles in the old cafeteria, and then after college, he ended up getting a record deal that turned into a nightmare. The record deal gave him access to a studio, but he was still living out of his backpack, jumping from couch to couch, and he was basically starving himself every single day. The label forced him to make songs that he really didn't like, and they really tried to fabricate this person that he just wasn't. And this shit went on for like five years. Now, one day, he was recording a song in his kitchen, and then a girl texted him, and said, "'I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.'" His buddy hears him read it out loud, and he's like, "'Yo, you have to make a song to that.'" So he did, and that's how he got "prblms". The song that hit the web.

That thing blew up. Kylie Jenner posted it on her Snapchat, and that's when he knew he made it. And then in that year, he dropped Free Black, which was basically referencing how he felt like he was in jail with his old record label. Then one after another, the next releases of 6lack (Black) started to kick off higher and higher and Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr. never looked back.

Is it 6lack or black?

The stage name “6lack” is pronounced “Black” by Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr.  

How did 6lack (Black) get his name?

Before becoming 6lack, the chart-topping R&B artist was Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr., a kid growing up in Atlanta's Zone 6 neighborhood. Those humble beginnings in the 404 shaped his sound, as well as his eventual stage name.

How many albums does 6LACK (Black) have?

Richardo (6lack) debuted in the “Free 6ack” album in 2016 on Soundcloud. It was the time when 6lack (Balck) started getting people's attention and at that time he got 350,000 followers on SoundCloud.After this, his career started to take off and grow exponentially when his second album “Prblms” hit the internet and secured 3rd position in the peak chart position of the US. The recent release of his 3rd studio album “Since I Have a Lover” in the 24th of March 2023, got the 24th peak chart position in the US.

Studio Albums of 6LACK : 

There are a total of 3 Studio albums that have been released by 6LACKS till now. These are :

Studio Albums of 6LACK Released on
Free 6lack November 18, 2016
East Atlanta Love Letter September 14, 2018
Since I Have a Lover March 24, 2023

Extended Plays of 6LACK: 

6LACK has released only one extended play which ranked 15th in the peak chart positions of US.

Extended Plays of 6LACK Released on
6pc Hot EP June 26, 2020

Singles of 6LACK:

A total of 29 singles were released by 6LACK since 2016. Here’s the list of the singles by 6LACK (Black) : 

Singles of 6LACK Relased on
"Ex Calling" 2016
"Prblms" 2016
"Bless Me" 2016
"First Fuck" 2017
"That Far" 2017
"Grab the Wheel" 2017
"Cutting Ties" 2018
"OTW" 2018
"Switch" 2018
"Nonchalant" 2018
"Pretty Little Fears" 2018
"Mushroom Chocolate" 2019
"It's Not U It's Me" 2019
"Imported" 2019
"Seasons" 2019
"ATL Freestyle" 2020
"Float" 2020
"Know My Rights" 2020
"Touch & Go (Remix)" 2020
"Stay Down" 2020
"Calling My Phone" 2021
"VIP" 2021
"Rent Free" 2021
"By Any Means" 2021
"Forever" 2022
"Since I Have a Lover" 2023
"A Letter to My Fans" 2023
"Talkback" 2023
"Fatal Attraction" 2023

Who are the songwriting partners of 6LACK? Does 6LACK write his song on his own?

When it comes to deeply personal songs, 6LACK, our favorite R&B crooner, keeps it real. Even moody musical masterminds, however, require some collaboration. 6LACK has collaborated with some of hip hop's biggest names over the years. These inventive collaborations give rise to his distinct introspective style.

Lil Tjay joined them for their 2021 billboard smash "Calling My Phone." Ty Dolla $ign tapped into 6LACK's emo side for the wistful "OTW" and "Ex," while Young Thug pumped up "Power" from East Atlanta Love Letter. Lil Baby was well-versed in 6LACK's rights for the thoughtful "Know My Rights." And on "Real" from Signed to the Streets 3, Lil Durk got real.

More quiet-fire collaborations with Khalid, J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, and Zoe Wees demonstrate 6LACK's willingness to share his soul with like-minded musical souls. When other artists contribute their own genuine vulnerability, the collaborations become pure audio magic.

Net Worth of 6LACK : 

While the rapper and R&B artist's exact net worth is unknown, he is estimated to be worth millions of dollars. He has made a lot of money by releasing popular albums like "Free 6lack" and "East Atlanta Love Letter," which produced hit singles. His songs are frequently played. He has also earned money from touring and endorsement deals with major brands such as Puma and Beats. Even without knowing the exact figure, 6LACK's fortune reflects his success as a rising star in the music industry, with chart-topping singles and consistent audience support. As he continues his prolific music career, he is likely to amass even more wealth in the future.

Upcoming Concert of 6LACK (Black) 2024 : 

6LACK Concert Date Country City Place
09/02/2024 Portugal Lisbon Lisboa ao Vivo
12/02/2024 Ireland Dublin 3Olympia Theatre
14/02/2024 United Kingdom Glasgow O2 Academy
15/02/2024 United Kingdom Manchester O2 Apollo
17/02/2024 United Kingdom Birmingham O2 Academy
18/02/2024 United Kingdom London Eventim Apollo
21/02/2024 Germany Carlswerk Victoria Cologne
22 /02/2024 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique
23/02/2024 France Paris Bataclan
25/02/2024 Netherlands Amsterdam Melkweg Max
26/02/2024 Netherlands Amsterdam Melkweg Max
27/02/2024 Germany Berlin Huxley's Neue Welt
29/02/2024 Denmark Copenhagen Amager Bio
01/03/2024 Sweden Stockholm Berns
03/03/2024 Norway Oslo Rockefeller Music Hall
24/04/2024 New Zealand Auckland Auckland Town Hall
26/04/2024 Australia Sydney Hordern Pavilion
27/04/2024 Australia Brisbane Fortitude Music Hall
30/04/2024 Australia Melbourne Festival Hall
01/05/202 Australia Perth Metro City

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