Will These Multimillion Euro Infra Projects of Louth Country Council Boost Local Economy?

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Louth Council Unveils Multimillion Euro Projects

Louth County Council has unveiled its three-year Capital Programme for 2024-2026. Over the next three years, the multi-million Euro program will fund a number of high-profile housing, infrastructure, regeneration, and restoration projects across the country.

Major Housing Development Underway

    Image Courtesy: Louth County Council
Affordable housing remains a top priority to the Louth County Council, with multi-million euro investments for residential projects in both urban and rural areas. This includes new council housing schemes in Dundalk, Drogheda and other localities that will offer hundreds of homes for approved applicants on the waiting list.

One of the most important projects is the Port Access Northern Cross route in Drogheda. This is a two-kilometer road that will connect the M1 to Drogheda Port, easing traffic congestion in the town center caused by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The project will also make it easier to build up to 5,000 new homes on the north side of Drogheda.

The Drogheda Westgate project and the St. Laurence's Plaza scheme will enhance the town center by making it more appealing, creating better public spaces, and preserving Drogheda's unique historical and cultural heritage. The work being done at the Louth County Council's new Civic Offices will also breathe new life into the historic Fair Street building and honor the area's history. In addition, regeneration projects are underway in Dunleer and Clogherhead in mid-Louth.

The flagship ‘Project Ardee 2040’ ( Capital Ardee Programme )

Project Ardee 2040 - capital ardee programme

    Image Courtesy: Louth County Council

The main project, dubbed 'Project Ardee 2040,' aims to revitalize Ardee's central business district and build on existing initiatives such as the Ardee Educate Together School, the N52 Ardee bypass, and the redevelopment of Ardee Castle. The St. Nicholas Quarter and Backlands Regeneration Scheme in Dundalk is another significant urban redevelopment project of Louth County Council that will revitalize and transform the historic St. Nicholas Quarter while also preserving its rich history, heritage, and the natural beauty of the local environment.

Capital Programme Carlingford: Major Touristic Developments

    Image Courtesy: Louth County Council

The Carlingford Regional Rural Development Fund (RRDF) project will completely regenerate the coastal village in the county's north. It will improve the quality of the waterfront area, Market Square, and connecting streets, making it easier and more pleasant for pedestrians to move around. This will include the creation of public spaces that can be used for events and activities. The village of Omeath is also being improved, with the goal of making it more appealing to the tourists who visit the area each year. This includes prioritizing pedestrians and implementing traffic calming measures to make the village more environmentally sustainable.

Cross Country Bridge Development

    Image Courtesy: Louth County Council

The plans to build a bridge in the future across Narrow Water at Carlingford Lough are making progress. Louth County Council is taking a leading role in this significant project, which will connect County Louth in Ireland with County Down in Northern Ireland. This bridge will be a historic cross-border link between the two counties.

Joan Martin, Chief Executive of Louth County Council, expressed her satisfaction with the progress made on various projects in the Capital Programme 2024-2026. She stated that the council is working on a number of projects that will not only improve the lives of residents but will also ensure that the infrastructure in towns and villages throughout Louth is prepared for the future. This will improve accessibility and appeal to visitors while also encouraging additional economic investment in the county.


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