The latest Movies Coming Out in Christmas 2023 in the Theatres

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Movies Coming Out in Christmas 2023

As the holiday season approaches, we begin to anticipate spending time with family and friends, indulging in delicious food, and making lasting memories. And what better way to start the holiday season than by curling up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa and watching a heartwarming Christmas movie? The ideal holiday film can span genres and eras while capturing the magical spirit that brings us all together. But what movie to watch this Christmas?A timeless classic, an evergreen Christmas movie, or an out-of-the-box mind-blowing new release?

Let it be on the Santa while you explore a list of movies that are coming out this Christmas 2023 in the United States and worldwide. This list includes a variety of upcoming movies, coming out in Theatres as well as OTT platforms like Netflix, Lifetime & Hallmark on 25th December 2023.

Movies Coming Out in Christmas on Theatres 2023 :

1. Ferrari

"Ferrari" is the first film on the list. This film, directed by Michael Mann, tells the story of Enzo Ferrari, the founder and mastermind behind Ferrari supercars. This film depicts how a passion for supercars led to the founding of Ferrari and how, despite challenges during World War I, he dominated the racing car market. Surely going to be one of the buzzing movies coming out this Christmas 2023.

Genre : Biography | Drama | History

The star cast of this movie are :

Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari, Penelope Cruz plays Laura Ferrari, Shailene Woodley plays Lina Lardi, Jack O'Connell plays Peter Collins, Patrick Dempsey plays Piero Taruffi, and racing driver Ben Collins plays legendary racer Stirling Moss, among others, in the film.

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

2. The Color Purple (2023)

The classic novel The Color Purple will be adapted for the big screen once more in 2023 by Warner Bros.. This time, a well-known cast is bringing a meaningful story to new audiences. The plot revolves around Celie, a young black woman living in the American South in the early 1900s. She has been through years of hardship and abuse. But she finds inner strength and the power of love to set herself free.

Genre: Drama | Music

The 2023 movie has a stellar cast including:

Taraji P. Henson as adult Celie

Fantasia Barrino as young Celie

Corey Hawkins as Alphonso

Colman Domingo as Mister

H.E.R. as Shug Avery

And more top stars like Halle Bailey, Danielle Brooks, Laverne Cox

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

3. The Boys in the Boat

Get ready to cheer for the underdogs in The Boys in the Boat, a new movie packed with inspiration. This true story follows a scrappy rowing team fighting against all odds to go for gold at Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Led by their gritty coxswain Joe Rantz, played by Callum Turner, these sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers bond together under the guidance of their bold coach. They face the Great Depression's biting poverty and skepticism that "the boys from the Pacific Northwest" could ever triumph.

More than a sports flick, The Boys in the Boat will have you fist-pumping as the team pulls ahead stroke by stroke, proudly repping America on the world stage. Beyond the nail-biting race scenes, it's the rowers' brotherhood and perseverance through immense adversity that will stick with you.

If you want a riveting true story to make you believe in chasing dreams again, catch The Boys in the Boat. Just try not to tear up as the underdog crew glides towards destiny at the climax!
Out of motivation? Watching this movie coming out this Christmas 2023 is a must.

Genre: Drama | Biography | Sports

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

4. Lost Weekend (2023)

With his marriage and band in disarray, John Lennon enlists comedian Albert Brooks and musician Harry Nilsson for a wild 24-hour journey through 1973 Los Angeles in an attempt to resurrect a lost album and himself. The Lost Weekend 2023 is going to be a full fun packed movie. If you looking for something in the comedy space don't forget to add this movie to your watchlist coming out this Christmas 2023.  This movie is directed by Frank Coraci,the makers of the Wedding Singer.

Genre: Comedy

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

5. Target Number One

Directed by Andy Dliana and written by Ken Cardwell, Jeff Carr, and Ana Carolina Rebichia Deliana, the movie Target Number One is the story of a young man. He is forced to participate in a violent robbery to strengthen his connections on the street. He has to go through various gang wars and after surviving from them, he becomes the main target of law enforcement and a ruthless mobster.

The perfect one who loves to watch Action thrillers. If you are looking for something action-packed watch this movie coming out in Christmas 2023 then definitely go for this.

Star Casts of this Movie :

Arben Bajraktaraj as Xavier

Andy Deliana as The Connection

Michael Segál as Michael

Genre: Action | Thriller

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

6. Occupied City

Probably going to be the longest movie of the year, the 4 hours long Steve McQueen-directed movie portrays a story of the excavation of the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, the past collides with the present: a journey from World War II to recent years of pandemic and protest, as well as a provocative, life-affirming reflection on memory, time, and what lies ahead.

Star Casts of this Movie :

Melanie Hyams

Genre: War | History | Documentry

Releasing Date: 25th December 2023 

Releasing Platform: Theatres 

These are some of the top picks of Latest Movies Coming Out in Christmas 2023 in the Theatres. Let us know in the comments what is your favourtie pick and why? Merry Chirstmas in advance !

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