Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend 2023 Route, Road Closures,Weather - A Detailed Guide

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The largest city in Pennsylvania and the 6th most populous city in the United States, Philadelphia is ready for its 30th Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. The event is generally organized every year to showcase what the city of Philadelphia has to offer.

Historically rich Philadelphia is diverse and distinctive in its culture and lively neighborhood. Philadelphia boasts a rich architectural history spanning over three centuries that vividly reflects the city's cultural heritage and evolution. From narrow brick Colonial row houses to grand Victorian mansions, to sleek modern skyscrapers, the diversity of architectural styles provides a visual timeline of Philadelphia’s history.

Since its inception in 1994, The Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend, diverse groups from 50 countries have participated in this marathon so far. Over time. In the year 2023, this Philly marathon has secured a position in the top 10 marathon list in the nation.

The Schedule of Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend :

Health & Fitness Expo – Friday and Saturday, November 17-18

Rothman Orthopaedics 8K – Saturday, November 18

Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon – Saturday, November 18

Nemours Children’s Run – Saturday, November 18

AACR Philadelphia Marathon – Sunday, November 19                          

Philadelphia Marathon 2023 Routes & Maps :

                                                                    Course Map of AACR

 Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Full & Half Marathon Map

  Philadelphia Full & Half Marathon Elevation Map


                                                 Rothman Orthopaedics 8K Course Map

                                                                    Eakins Oval Map

Image Courtesy: philadelphiamarathon

Philadelphia Marathon Road Closures :

The iconic marathon will impact traffic in many Philly neighborhoods this Friday through Sunday. The closures will be implemented in a rolling manner along the marathon route, with streets reopening once runners pass by and cleanup crews service the roads.

Officials are advising all motorists to avoid the marathon course area this weekend due to significant traffic delays expected. Drivers are encouraged to allow extra time, find alternate routes around closed streets, and proceed carefully if traveling near the race.

Increased security will also be in place around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, with parking restrictions strictly enforced. The city urges drivers to refrain from double-parking, which creates congestion and limits traffic flow.

Day Wise Road Closures Due to Philadelphia Marathon :

On 17th November  

The lanes traveling in both directions along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway's inner section will be shut down between 9:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. on Friday, November 17. At 2:45 p.m., the lanes heading outward will be accessible for the afternoon rush. Following the evening rush, all inner lanes, both inbound and outbound, spanning from Binswanger Triangle to 20th Street, will remain closed. However, cross traffic will be allowed on 22nd and 21st Streets.

On 18th November

The City of Philadelphia's "No Parking" laws will be aggressively enforced as part of the Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon's heightened security measures. Starting at two in the morning on Saturday, November 18, every car on the race course will be moved.

On Saturday, from 2 a.m. to 3 p.m., there will be road closures for the Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon and the Rothman Orthopaedics 8K. These closures will affect Kelly Drive, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 20th and 25th Streets, and many other Center City roads (full list below). "No Parking" signs will be up along the race course and in the Parkway area prior to Saturday. The Logan Circle neighborhood and the area around 18th Street and the Parkway will be blocked on Saturday.  Logan Circle area will be closed to vehicular traffic until approximately 11:30 a.m.

On 18th November

From 2 a.m. onwards, the following areas will experience closures:

  • Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 2000 and 2400 blocks
  • Spring Garden Street, stretching from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
  • 23rd Street, spanning from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
  • 22nd Street, from Winter Street to Park Towne Place (limited access for Park Towne Place residents)
  • 21st Street, running between Pennsylvania Avenue and Winter Street

From 4 a.m. onwards, the following areas will experience closures:

  • I-676 off-ramp at 22nd Street (westbound)
  • I-76 off-ramp at Spring Garden Street (eastbound)

From 6 a.m. onwards, the following areas will experience closures:

  • 17th Street, from Arch Street to Vine Street
  • 18th Street, from Arch Street to Callowhill Street
  • 19th Street, from Arch Street to Callowhill Street
  • 20th Street, from Arch Street to Callowhill Street
  • 21st Street, from Arch Street to Spring Garden Street
  • 22nd Street, from Arch Street to Spring Garden Street
  • Benjamin Franklin Parkway, from 16th Street to 20th Street
  • Arch Street, between 3rd Street and 16th Street
  • 4th Street, between Arch Street and Vine Streets
  • Race Street, from 6th Street to Columbus Boulevard
  • Columbus Boulevard (southbound lanes), from Vine Street to Washington Avenue
  • Southbound off-ramp, from I-95 at Washington Avenue
  • Washington Avenue, from Columbus Boulevard to Front Street
  • Front Street, from Washington Avenue to South Street
  • South Street, from Front Street to 7th Street
  • 6th Street, from Bainbridge Street to Market Street
  • Chestnut Street, from 6th Street to 16th Street
  • 15th Street from Chestnut Street to Walnut Street
  • Walnut Street from Broad Street to 34th Street
  • Chestnut Street, from 33rd Street to 34th Street
  • 34th Street, from Chestnut Street to Girard Avenue
  • Lansdowne Drive, from Girard Avenue to South Concourse Drive
  • South Concourse Drive, from Lansdowne to West Memorial Hall Drive
  • East Memorial Hall Drive, from South Concourse to Avenue of the Republic
  • Avenue of the Republic, from East Memorial Hall Drive to Catholic Fountain
  • Belmont Avenue, Montgomery to Parkside Avenue
  • States Drive to Lansdowne Drive
  • Lansdowne Drive to Girard Avenue
  • Girard Avenue Bridge, from Lansdowne Drive to 33rd Street
  • 33rd Street, from Girard Avenue to Reservoir Drive
  • Reservoir Drive, from 33rd Street to Edgley Drive
  • Edgley Drive, from Reservoir Drive to Fountain Green Drive
  • Fountain Green Drive, from Edgley Drive to Kelly Drive
  • Kelly Drive
  • The Falls Bridge
  • Ridge Avenue, from Schoolhouse Lane to Manayunk Avenue
  • Main Street, from Ridge Avenue to Conarroe Street

To minimize inconvenience, commuters are advised to plan alternate routes or adjust travel schedules during these periods. Utilizing public transportation is highly encouraged to avoid disruptions to daily routines.

For more details on public transport availability on the marathon day, check out the official site of septa.

Weather Forecast on Marathon Day :

The weather forecast in Philadelphia on November 19, 2023, is sunny with a high of 14 degrees Celsius and a low of 1 degree Celsius. There will be 19 km/h winds blowing from the west. The UV index will be 2.

This weather is ideal for running a marathon. The mild temperatures will make it comfortable for runners to run for an extended period of time, and the low humidity will help to prevent dehydration. The wind will also be a factor, but it is not expected to be strong enough to significantly impact the runners.

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